111 E 29th Street Sterling, Illinois 61081
(815) 626-2210
Twin Cities PADS Homeless Shelter

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Upcoming Events

May 23rd: Bucket brigade in Sterling

October 1st at 7pm: The Shelter Opening

Our Hours

We are open 7:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M. October 1st thru April 30th. Please call ahead prior to visiting.

What is PADS?

PADS stands for Public Action to Deliver Shelter. This is an emergency shelter and entry point into other outreach programs. From here the individuals are directed to organizations like the following...

Click here to see information for the Homeless for the Holidays Donation.

We are very proud of the Shelter on many levels. We do a lot with a little and this fundraiser represents nearly half of our annual budgets. We a primarily funded through the community. The shelter is also primarily run by volunteers, and always has a constant level of supervision and over site.

We are one of many great organizations and the competition for money is tough. Our mission is to help people and be a light to those lost in the darkness. Please help us keep the lights on!